April 22, 2017

Technical Program

The 2020 ACC will have rapid-interactive (RI) sessions that enable authors to present their work to a larger audience, enhance interaction of conference participants, and encourage attendees to have more discussions with authors during an interactive period. The RI sessions will consist of two components: (1) back-to-back, 3-minute oral presentations followed by (2) a 45-minute interactive period with digital displays. The RI sessions will be held in the mornings (across two parallel sessions), followed by the traditional 20-minute oral-presentation format in the afternoon sessions.

All peer-reviewed papers will be presented in either the RI sessions or the traditional oral-presentation format. Note that regular papers presented at both traditional and RI sessions will be published in the conference proceedings.

The full conference program can be accessed here.

Program Chair
Martha Grover
Georgia Institute of Technology