April 22, 2017


Workshops addressing the following topics of interest to the controls community will be held on Monday, June 29 and Tuesday, June 30.

  • W1: System Modeling and Control with Smooth Fuzzy Compositions
  • W2: Secure State Estimation and Control of Cyber Physical Systems: An Unknown Input Observer Approach
  • W3: Current Topics in Aerospace Control
  • W4: Process Control using First-Principles Models
  • W5: Practical Methods for Real World Control Systems
  • W6: Confluence of Vision and Control
  • W7: Exploring Interplay between Dynamical Systems and Function Spaces: A Unifying Presentation of Dynamics Mode Decomposition and Occupation Measures
  • W8: Extremum Seeking Control in Biomedical Applications
  • W9: Task-Oriented Autonomous Vehicular and/or Manufacturing Operations
  • W10: Model Predictive Control

Detailed workshop descriptions and schedule will be provided in mid-January.

For more information about workshops please contact:

Workshops Chair
Belinda Batten

Oregon State University